Gen Secretary’s Message

Our School is one of Amritsar’s Best Schools. We focus on scholastic development, personal growth, and ethical enrichment.

Life is the first, foremost and greatest educator. Apart from this, systematic transmission of information, values, ideals, knowledge that centres of learning accomplish is a major contributor to individual as well as societal development. Schools are responsible for inspiring and cultivating young minds, exploring and developing their innate capabilities.

At the same time, they nurture, goodness and instill discipline, hallmarks of true education. They aim to make the learner emotionally stable intellectually vibrant, spiritually enlightened socially committed.

Man is not a finished product incapable of further progress. He has a long history behind him, and it is a history not of a fall, but of an ascent. And he has the possibility of progressive evolution before him.

The school is very active in development of overall personality of the children. We avail all opportunities to showcase the talent of the students and to encourage them to be confident, proactive and multi-skilled besides their pursuit of the academic curriculum.

S. Manjit Singh (Gen.Secretary)