Ex-Director’s Message

Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of mind to think.

What is education? Is it what you merely read in books and at school? Partly yes. However, education in the real sense means to develop good human beings, responsible citizens and energetic progressive minds. Good education is about nurturing and developing young people. CBSE has brought about many changes in the education system to move from exam oriented curriculum towards a holistic personality development. Parents and teachers are gradually understanding that the students will do better in life, if they have all round development of their personality. Today’s market economy and job environment rewards those who are multi-talented. Communication Skills, have acquired greater significance.

Marks are important but discipline etiquette, manners, good personality will bring more success in life. Students, teachers and parents should encourage healthy competitions and balanced development. New avenues and jobs are emerging each day. Be innovative, encourage creativity and reach out into new directions. Your character, attitude and commitment will bring success and satisfaction in life. They say that education is what is left, long after you have forgotten all that you read at school.

Mrs. D.K Rahi (Ex- Director)