Chairman's Welcome

Our School is one of Amritsar’s Best Schools.
We focus on scholastic development, personal growth, and ethical enrichment.

Education is not a neutral or objective enterprise in content, form or function. All of its dimensions are influenced by certain cultural values and convictions about what is important to know and to become, and why? It is a never ending process, interwoven with life, enriching the individual with a variety of experiences. It is the most natural outcome of being alive as we learn with every breath that we take. Every step that a child takes, every word that he speaks, every move that he makes leads to education.

Education is fundamental to all round development, individual as well as societal. There is no other single phenomenon which affects the hopes and aspirations of individuals or societies in such a big way as education does. It can move mountains, so to say, and alter the destinies of both individuals and nations.

Prof.Bhupinder Singh (Chairman)